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Briana Gobourne - 12th grade Runner Up
$500.00 College Scholarship Winner

I think of dance as a language; a type of communication to people through interpretive movements. Dance has been a passion of mine for many years so I thought it would be the most efficient way to express my personal journey. When I picked the song, the following lyrics immediately stuck out to me: "I'm getting higher and higher, closer to my dream" "Leaving all of my fears to burn down, push them all away so I can move on closer to my dream" "But you never chose to walk away". Everything that I have, everything I have experienced, and everything that I am as a person all comes from creating a goal, working hard, never giving up, and eventually achieving that goal.

 Our goals and aspirations may seem sometimes "out of reach" or impossible, but everything is achievable with a strong work ethic, a hungry mindset, and perseverance. We may have to overcome obstacles to achieve our goals, but God would not put us through anything that we could not handle; he always has a solution. This dance to me represents overcoming fearful obstacles through diligence, and therefore getting one step closer to our dreams. I hope to convey this message to anyone that is doubtful and to inspire them to fight for their dreams as well.