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Pierrelande Saint Cyr  
12th Grade Runner-Up 
$500.00 College Scholarship Winner

I wrote this poem based on the immigration ban, that President Trump had imposed on the 7 countries. I wanted to put myself in the position of a Muslim person. I thought to myself if this was me, and I had the opportunity to express myself. What would I say? That is how my poem was born. I hope the message that it conveys is that those people that we claim are terrorists are human beings just like us and it is stereotypical to judge all of them by the action of a program and has participated in several clubs and competitions while participating on the Varsity Badminton team and taking classes in the Farmingdale College STEP program. She also conducted research last summer at the Feinstein Institute.
She gives her heart and soul in everything she does and is anxious to learn new and interesting things every day. Ashley’s thirst for knowledge and altruistic nature makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is an ambitious, talented, dedicated and hard-working student who is eager to help those in need.

                                I Am Who I Am 
                           By: Pierrelande Saint Cyr 

Petrified, I cannot sleep at night. 
I cannot come back to the place I call home. 
Why? Because an orange ignorant man feels the need to impose fear and divide us. 

My life is turned upside down. 
I’m not afraid for myself but for my children. 
I don’t want them to grow up watching us fighting one another 
When they turn on the news all they see is negativity. 
I did not come to this country for them to have that kind of life. 

I came because America is home of the free and the land of the brave. 
I am an immigrant, and I should not be ashamed to say that. 
I am a Muslim, I should not be ashamed to practice my religion In a country that claims I’m free. 

Everywhere I go, weird looks are thrown my way 
Because I wear hijab on my head. 
People don’t see me as a human, 
They see me as a terrorist 
But only if they knew 
How many people are killed by terrorists every year 
How many Americans get shot by another American 
Over 30,000 
We are 129,000 times more likely to die in a gun assault 
6.9 million times more likely to die from cancer or heart disease. 

Not only that but they forget about 
Charleston shooting, Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook 
Its ludicrous, what fear can do to us. 
I bow down and pray, that the oppression will soon stop 
I do not want my kids to question their religion and our lifestyle 
We do not become ourselves 
So look at me now, 
Am I terrorist?  
Student at Wyandanch Memorial High School - born in Haiti and migrated to America. Pierreland is a Senior and will be attending Arcadia University in the Fall  of 2017 to pursue a double major in Acting and Media and Communications.