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   Arts * Fashion * Culture as Solutions for 21st Century Life Challenges & Pitfalls   

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Your Time for Creative Empowerment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that educates and empowers children, adolescents and parents of both secular and faith-based communities in the Long Island area, through the use of the arts, fashion and culture as mechanisms to improve interpersonal relationships; to avoid pitfalls that are unique to life in the 21st Century; and to specifically identify and effectively develop healthy problem-solving, enhance personal development and increase cultural sensitivity.

"The idea of encouraging our youth to speak through their unique art forms is one whose time has come. We intend to keep this culture going as a way to effect heightened awareness among parents, and valuable community involvement in the lives of Long Island’s children, as we see and hear them express themselves in healthy innovative ways.”  
- Madona Cole-Lacy, M.A Ed. Founder/CEO -  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Self-Self Empowering Workshop Survey

5.  Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Please elaborate

Thank you for your time and input
10. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the workshop.

1. Very Satisfied
2. Somewhat Satisfied
3. Dissatisfied
4. Very Dissatisfied

Our 2016 Self-Empowering Workshop for High School Students was a success!
    Thanks to all the helping hands and supportive spirits that made light work.
Please identify yourself:
1. Parent/Guardian 
2. College-Bound 2016 Freshman 
3. 12th grade in Fall 2016 
4. 11th grade in Fall 2016 
​5. 10th grade in Fall 2016
6. 9th grade in Fall 2016
7. Middle School Student
​8. Resource Person
9. Volunteer
​10. College Student
11. Other
1. Please rank the three most important factors in your decision to attend the conference (with #1 being the most important factor): 

1a  Presentation topics

2a Specific speakers 

3a Location 

4a Opportunity to network 

  Name of School/ High School or College
3. How did you learn about this conference? (choose all that apply) 

1.    Organization website

 2.  Email announcement 

 3.    Membership mailed communication 

 4.    Announced at organization event 

 5.    Advertisements 

 6.    Colleagues/ Friends 

Other (please specify):  

6. How likely are you to do the following:      1.  Attend next year's workshop?
     Definitely Will Not                 Probably Will Not                     Unsure                         Probably Will                   Definitely Will

      ​2.  Recommend attending next year’s event to your colleagues?  

Challenge #1 

Challenge #2       

Challenge #3 

8. What are the top three topics are you most interested in learning more about? (choose all that apply) 
 Topic #1 

 Topic #2

 Topic #3

 Other (please specify):  

9. What arts form would you readily use to creatively express yourself? (singing? dancing? writing? painting? etc.) 

Definitely Will Not          Probably Will Not         Probably Will        Unsure Probably           Definitely Will      Definitely Will Not​   
4. What are the three greatest benefits you received from attending? 
2. How satisfied were you with each of the following : 
  1.  Satisfied       2. Very Dissatisfied     3. Dissatisfied     4. Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied   
  5. Very Satisfied   

1. Pre-Registration process 

2.. Onsite registration process 

3. Molloy College as the workshop site 

4.  Workshop meeting rooms 

5. Food and refreshments at the conference 

6. Opportunities for networking 
 7. What are the top three challenges your face as a parent, community member or student? (rank the top three) 
If you would like to play a supportive role in future events of Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc., kindly fill out the form on our VOLUNTEERS page. 
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Option #1Option #2Option #3Option #4Option #5
Option #1Option #2Option #3Option #4Option #5Option #6Option #7
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Option #1
Option #1
Option #1
Option #1
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